Single-cell-based models in biology and medicine

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Received Apr 8; Accepted Jun This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Among many challenges facing the battle against infectious disease, one quandary stands out.

Single cell analysis: overview, challenges, solutions and case studies single mosbach

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Selecting the right tools to build your pluripotent stem cell based disease models single frauen oelde

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This postdoc program is designed to prepare postdoctoral researchers for a successful ERC Starting Grant application and for an independent research career in top research organizations in Europe and around the world. The postdoc program is based at the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna, one of Europe's leading centers for basic biomedical research - with clinical translation in mind. Selected candidates will join one of CeMM's research groups for 3 to 6 years, addressing ambitious research questions in areas such as cancer, immunology, chemical biology, epigenetics, metabolism, and genomic medicine. Research projects will focus on medically relevant problems, including disease mechanisms, modern therapeutics and diagnostic strategies.

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Charles A. Gersbach, Ph. Abstract The study of cell lineage commitment is critical to improving our understanding of tissue development and regeneration and to enhancing stem cell-based therapies and engineered tissue replacements. Recently, the discovery of an unanticipated degree of variability in fundamental biological processes, including divergent responses of genetically identical cells to various stimuli, has provided mechanistic insight into cellular decision making and the collective behavior of cell populations.

Single-Cell Computational Systems Biology Approaches to Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine partnervermittlung polen poznan

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In den Warenkorb Beschreibung Aimed at postgraduate students single-cell-based models in biology and medicine a variety of biology-related disciplines, this volume presents a collection of mathematical and computational single-cell-based models and their application. The main sections cover four general model groupings: Each section is introduced by a discussion of the applicability of the particular modelling approach and its advantages and disadvantages, which will make the book suitable for students starting research in mathematical biology as well as scientists modelling multicellular processes. Klappentext To adequately describe complex spatio-temporal processes that occur in multi-cellular organisms, a class of models is required that simultaneously takes into account differences between individual cells as well as their ability to communicate and interact with one another and their environment.

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Kostenfreier Versand für Individualkunden weltweit Gewöhnlich versandfertig in Werktagen. Über dieses Buch To adequately describe complex spatio-temporal processes that occur in multi-cellular organisms, a class of models is required that simultaneously takes into account differences between individual cells as well as their ability to communicate and interact with one another and their environment. Single-cell-based models form a framework that allows for the explicit incorporation of different properties of individual cells, but at the same time enables all cells to act together as one single-cell-based models in biology and medicine body. This leads ultimately to more biologically realistic models of heterogeneous tissues and multi-cellular organisms and allows for a better understanding of the principles underlying the complex biological processes occurring during the formation, growth and maintenance of multi-cellular bodies.

Introduction to Single Cell Proteogenomics Applications using TotalSeq™ Antibodies partnervermittlung münster

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Theory - Appendices Rezensionen From the reviews: Nature Cell Biology, Vol. Computational Cell Biology introduces the principles, techniques, tools and insights of mathematical biology through detailed exposition of ion channels, calcium signaling, transporters, cellular endocrinology, gap junctions, cell cycle controls and molecular motors. If you want to see the tools of applied mathematics at work in some key areas of cell physiology and cell biology, this is the book to read.

Biomolecular network models from single cell data - Karen Sachs single party memmingen 2019

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Marc Libault: Crop root systems biology - from single cell type models to the whole organ amerikanische partnervermittlung

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Weiter lesen Modellierung zellulärer Gliomwachstumsprozesse in ihrer Mikroumgebung Anderson, M. Chaplain, K.